MORE than 100 residents turned out to a Barry Town Council meeting to voice their concerns over the incinerator facility.

The Biomass UK No.2, a wood gasification/incinerator facility is currently under construction at Woodham Road, in Barry, with the company proposing to be operational in November.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is undertaking its second public consultation on the £50million Aviva-funded plant.

Barry Town Council (BTC) commissioned independent expert Capita to review the further information Biomass UK No.2 had submitted to NRW to support its environmental permit application.

Capita’s report reviewed whether or not Biomass’s response to NRW, addressed comments on the original environmental permit application.

The report concluded Biomass UK had not explained its energy efficiency or addressed pre-waste acceptance issues. Regarding fire prevention, the review questioned how fixed detection systems would immediately identify hotspots and trigger the sprinkler system.

It also questioned whether thermal imaging cameras would be fitted to the conveyor systems.

The report’s author questioned the tactics which would be employed should a hotspot escalate to flaming combustion and wanted to know whether water pressure, underground tank capacity, and flow rate would be sufficient.

Following a Barry & District News inquiry, Vale council cabinet member for regeneration and planning, Cllr Jonathan Bird said: “The approved application did not include any water tanks.

“Should the developer propose additional development, it is likely a further planning application would need to be approved before it could be constructed.

“The applicant has indicated that they propose to provide water tanks as part of the development. However, until NRWs’ licence process is concluded, they will not be in a position to submit an application containing the size or location of the tanks. The applicants have indicated this new application is likely to be made towards the end of the year.”

Following the meeting, a company spokesman said: “The Enviro Permit application deals with such details and any adjustments to the planning will get picked up via the process of discharging the planning conditions in due course, all standard practice for projects.”

Cadoxton resident Dennis Morgan, addressing the meeting, said he feared “there will be 226 tonnes of carcinogenic material. " and he questioned the proof of the provenance of all the wood pellets coming into the plant.

He said there would be “massive, permanent damage” to the people of Barry, Penarth, Dinas Powys, and Cardiff Bay.

Dennis Clarke, of Cadoxton, said three regulations had not been addressed which included COMAH - control of major accident hazards - which applies to the neighbouring Dow Corning site.

He said the possibility of cross-contamination with nearby industries had not been factored in.”

BTC Labour leader, Cllr Bronwen Brooks, said: “What comes forward very strongly is that there are major concerns to be considered.”

Plaid opposition leader, Cllr Shirley Hodges, said: “The information doesn’t settle the mind.”

Following the meeting, in which he also expressed concern, Dyfan ward Tory councillor Vince Bailey said: “There’s so much confusion around the data now, and huge concerns about pollution from carcinogenic materials, the origins of the woodchip being burnt, and the proliferation of dust. Members of the public made some great points and people really are worried. This isn’t a case of nimbyism.”

“I’m glad my motion was passed in council because it means that the town council will turn its attention, in part, to holding the local AM to account.

“Jane Hutt needs to press the cabinet secretary to call this in so we can have the environmental impact of this abomination properly checked.”

BTC will submit views to NRW and invite Vale council planning official Marcus Goldsworthy to explain the company’s outline planning permission status. It will lobby Welsh Government environment secretary, Lesley Griffiths.

Deadline for representations is Sunday, September 10.

A NRW spokesman said the information received by the applicant and during the consultation would be assessed and considered as part of the determination of the permit.”

Baruc ward Cllr, Steffan Wiliam said: “It is not a done deal. There is every chance this could be defeated.”