A MALE nurse has been accused of carrying out sex attacks on five women at an NHS hospital.

Andrew Lauder, from Wenvoe, is on trial at Cardiff Crown Court over claims of sexual assault against the women, who say that the 54-year-old slapped their bottoms and groped their breasts.

Prosecuting, Nicholas Gareth Jones said: "He just simply cannot keep his hands to himself. He cannot resist groping other women.

"One of his victims was in an office and Lauder smacked her bottom. She was a bit upset about it and told him to pack it in.

"Another time he told her she had nice breasts and stuck his hands down her top and fondled her breasts."

The court heard the alleged sexual assaults took place between February 2014 and December 2016.

Mr Jones continued: "Another victim said that on occasion he would make lewd or crude sexual comments towards her, saying 'I'd like to have sex with you in McDonalds' and 'I'd like to put my hands on your bra'.

"On one occasion he grabbed her hair and pushed her head down towards his groin.

"On another occasion they were in a small room - he turned the lights off and grabbed her and bent her over in front of him.

"It is crude behaviour and not acceptable in this day and age."

One of Lauder's alleged victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, gave a statement to the court detailing one occasion on which she says that Lauder assaulted her.

"He put his hands inside my top over my bra and said something to the effect of 'You've got your nipple pierced'," she said.

"I was really embarrassed and quite taken aback."

Another woman told how Lauder forcibly bent her over in a dark room.

She said: "I once asked him if he wanted a chocolate from a box, and he said something like 'I'll put my hand in your box'.

"That was the first time I actually spoke back to him and I said if he touches me again I will report him.

"He said something along the lines of 'I can't believe you think I would do something inappropriate.'"

Lauder denies 10 counts of sexual assault.

The trial continues.