PUPILS from Barry Island Primary School have designed a QR Code story trail around Barry Island in a bid to boost local tourism.

The children came up with the idea after being asked to develop an ICT project that would promote their work and the local area.

It involves QR codes being placed around the island that when scanned by a mobile phone link to a page on the school’s website with information about that particular feature.

There are eight codes in all, located at St Barac’s Church, the Lighthouse, Jackson’s Bay, Nell’s Point, the Fairground, Whitmore Bay, Friars Point and Old Harbour/Watch Tower Bay.

The project makes use of wifi available at Barry Island, the first beach front in the UK where this was made available.

The code was launched at an event poverseen by Vale mayor Janice Charles and council leader Cllr John Thomas.

Barry Island Primary headteacher Matthew Gilbert said: “The aim is to celebrate local history, key locations and embrace children’s imaginations.

“It was decided to tie the project in with healthy schools initiatives for increasing physical activity and enhancing outdoor learning. We feel it is an exciting opportunity to share children’s writing and create a buzz around Barry Island for all ages.

“A project of this magnitude will give the new generation of tourists an exciting and innovative method of visiting the Island.”

Cllr Thomas said: “The children of Barry Island Primary School have come up with a truly innovative idea that helps make the most of the modern facilities available at Barry Island.

“The island has undergone major regeneration work in recent years and became the first beach front in the UK where wifi is available. This informative and interesting story trail is yet another feature for visitors to enjoy.”

Visit barryislandprimary.com for more information