CALLS have been made for on the spot fines to be issued to anyone caught littering Barry beaches after rubbish was left strewn across the Whitmore Bay on the weekend.

Members of the public came to the aid of council cleaners who were tasked with cleaning up rubbish left on Barry Island’s Whitmore Bay beach.

After the beach had cleared of the thousands of visitors who made the most of the heatwave on Barry Island, cafe owner Marco Zeraschi posted a photograph of strewn litter and praised those who cleared the mess.

Mr Zeraschi said around 30 people had congregated on the beach – lighting a barbecue and leaving alcohol bottles and cans strewn on the sand.

He said: “The general public cleared that beach and the staff. The cleansing team take pride in their work. I just watched the cleansing boy’s heads drop in disgust. What can you do with people who act like this? They had no respect.”

Resident Elaine Seviour, 57, said: “The council men work very hard and are a credit to Barry Island It’s a shame people come with carrier bags full of food and drink, but can’t carry it home with them.”

The litter was abandoned despite the recent introduction of the Barry Island penguin bins, introduced to prevent repeats of previous years when rubbish was left along Whitmore Bay.

Baruc ward councillor Steffan Wiliam said: “The disgusting mess left by inconsiderate visitors undermines the great work done by our council staff who work tirelessly to keep Whitmore Bay clean.

“Our beaches are our main assets and we need to protect both the environment and our local economy.”

“People need to be encouraged to pack their litter in bags that should be made available at the beaches.

“Those who fail to comply should be served with on the spot fines in the same way that anyone caught walking dogs there between May and September would be.”

Vale council cabinet member for neighbourhood services and transport, councillor Geoff Cox said there were more than 100 bins at Barry Island, which were regularly emptied.

Cllr Cox said: “Regrettably, there will always be irresponsible users of our beaches and open space areas who fail to clean up after themselves and risk spoiling the environment for visitors, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding.

“Unfortunately our enforcement officers cannot be at every possible location across the Vale at all times. Our enforcement patrols are targeted to meet seasonal demand, and the public have and will continue to note the presence of our enforcement staff at our key locations throughout the summer period.”