A FIRE risk report commissioned by Barry Town Council (BTC) has raised concerns about the Biomass UK Ltd No.2 development on Barry dockland.

BTC commissioned independent consultants Capita to undertake the additional assessment of the gasification plant and discussed this report at a council meeting on Wednesday May 31.

BTC clerk Emily Forbes said: “Councillors noted that this is the second report commissioned by BTC which highlights issues with deficient information and lack of detail. The assessment of fire risk within the report has been categorised as ‘high risk’ which concerns members.

“The report makes a number of recommendations and suggests areas which require further clarification.

“A full site visit could not be undertaken as the site is still in construction stage.

“It is envisaged that a future report and site visit will be requested to focus on the impact on the surrounding area, the wider community, evacuation models and the level of harm for the wider population once construction is complete.”

The report has been submitted to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) as additional information to a previous review of the permit application by BTC. Docks Incinerator Action Group spokesman Alex Liosatos said the group was pleased the town council continue to support them.

“The fire risk aspect of the incinerator, and the resulting risk to local people, is a key battleground in the fight against the incinerator,” he added.

“The notice that NRW sent to Biomass is further proof of this.

“Biomass have many questions to answer on the fire risk issue; their data and emergency plans are severely lacking.

“DIAG hope the newly elected BTC will prove as willing to take on board advice from our specialist scientists and engineers.

“If the people of Barry, DIAG and the BTC can strengthen our working relationship, we have a real chance to stop the incinerator.”

A Biomass UK No.2 Ltd spokesman said: “In terms of the latest BTC fire report, fire safety is one of many considerations common to all new power plants that are being built.

“In as far as there are any concerns, we would encourage the relevant parties to raise them with NRW who in turn will consider them as part of the plant’s application for an environmental permit.”

View the report at barrytowncouncil.gov.uk.