BARRY Town Council’s annual general meeting has seen councillor Bronwen Brooks elected as leader at its Gladstone Road offices on Tuesday, May 15.

Court ward Labour councillor will lead the authority, following the local election on May 4.

The council was previously Labour controlled, but the party now has no overall control.

The Plaid opposition leader is Cllr Shirley Hodges, with Cllr Tony Hampton leading the Conservative group.

Cllr Richard Bertin, who also represents Court ward, is the sole independent representative.

Councillors selected the councillors who would form the various committees – with representation according to the proportionate number of seats each political party occupied.

The Conservative party was able to allocate one seat to Cllr Bertin, at its discretion, which the group leader, Cllr Hampton did.

He offered councillor Bertin further committee positions.

Cllr Hampton told the committee his group had members also on the Vale Council and it was yet unsure what positions those councillors would need to occupy.