A NEW campaign highlighting the risks that sun exposure has on the skin has come to Barry.

Skin Care Cymru will be replacing the iconic Welsh flag above the National Coastwatch Institute with a 'Cymrustacean' for the Don't Be A Lobster campaign until March 10.

The rate of skin cancer in Wales has risen by 86 per cent for men and by almost half for women in just 10 years and is the sixth most common type of cancer in Wales.

The campaign aims to increase awareness and education of how people can help to protect themselves and spot the signs of skin cancer. The main message is to cover-up and wear sun cream on Welsh beaches.

Paul Thomas, chair of Skin Care Cymru said: “The Red Dragon in the Welsh flag is probably the most iconic symbol of Wales.

"Similarly, a lobster is one of the most well-known associations with sun burn.

“Skin cancer is a real issue in Wales with more than 140 people dying from it in our country every year which is why we launched the ‘Don’t Be A Lobster’ campaign.

"Our aim is simple; to encourage people to be aware of the risks of sun exposure. It’s vital that people cover-up in the sun and wear sun cream to help protect themselves against skin cancer.”

Tips to protect your skin include wearing sun cream, regardless if the sun is out or how cold it is and to top it up regularly. Check the SPF of the product to make sure it is strong enough for the weather conditions and check the star rating which relates to the amount of ultraviolet A radiation (UVA) protection. The higher the star rating, the better.

For more information visit skincarecymru.org

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