A CAMPAIGN to tackle domestic abuse during the Six Nations' rugby tournament has been launched in Barry.

Police in the Vale of Glamorgan have teamed up with Barry-based charity Atal Y Fro to launch Operation Red Sycamore, which will see officers accompanied by support workers on Six Nations match days.

Atal Y Fro is based on Holton Road and is a charity organisation dedicated to the elimination of domestic violence.

Operation Red Sycamore aims to ensure victims will have immediate access to support from the moment a domestic abuse crime is reported and that more aggressors will face prosecution as officers will be equipped with body-worn video cameras.

The partnership was agreed to because statistics show the number of domestic abuse incidents tends to increase during tournaments, as a result of a number of factors including increased alcohol consumption.

During last year’s five-week tournament, an average of 73.6 domestic violence related incidents were reported in the Vale of Glamorgan per day.

Sergeant Mike Greaves, who is leading the initiative, said: “This operation allows for dedicated officers to respond to victims of domestic abuse with the direct assistance of trained staff from Atal Y Fro, who can provide immediate advice and additional support."

Acting inspector Bryn Glennie, said that he is "really pleased" that Atal Y Fro have supported operation red sycamore.

He said: “All of my staff receive training in tackling domestic abuse but this operation will mean that staff with an in-depth knowledge of the non-criminal aspects of domestic abuse are available to support victims on first contact with the police.

“The officers will be wearing body cams to capture better evidence at the scene which will increase the chances of us securing a positive outcome for the victims.

“Protecting vulnerable people is an absolute priority and sergeant Greaves’ operation will contribute to our continued efforts to protect victims of domestic abuse.”

Linda Greenfield, from Atal Y Fro, added: “It is really helpful that the local officers care so much about protecting people who suffer, or have suffered, domestic abuse.

"My team work tirelessly to support individuals and families affected by domestic abuse and the partnership we have with South Wales Police makes a difference to the community.”