RENOWNED war heroine and award winning author Eileen Younghusband has died at the age of 95.

Mrs Younghusband died on Friday (September 2) night in hospital in Cardiff.

She was part of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) and in later life became an author, writing about her war experience.

Mrs Younghusband recently published a children's version of her 2011 award winning autobiography, One Woman's War.

She labelled it her "legacy" book which was written in a shorter format with more illustrations and from her teenage self's perspective.

Mrs Younghusband joined the RAF and worked in the top secret filter room where she had to sign the Official Secrets Act.

During the course of her service, she saw the invasion fleet heading for the Normandy beaches on D-Day; received the coded warning of the first V2 rocket as it approached London and was later one of a handful of members of WAAF sent to hunt the V2 launchers in Belgium.

Vale of Glamorgan assembly member Jane Hutt knew Mrs Younghusband personally and paid tribute to her.

She said: "I am extremely proud to have known this incredible woman who was always very supportive of me.

"At the Barry At War event, we stood in a minute's silence in her honour.

Cardiff South and Penarth MP, Stephen Doughty said she was a "remarkable and lovely" woman.

He said: "I was lucky enough to meet and speak with Eileen on a number of occasions.

I particularly remember speaking with her at the opening of the 617 room at Penarth Pier when she told me incredible stories about her experiences during the second world war.

"She led a full and extraordinary life of many chapters and clearly touched the lives of so many locally through her writing and activism.

"Rest in Peace."

South Wales Central assembly member, Andrew RT Davies also wished to pay tribute to her.

He said: "Without her vital contribution, far more lives would have been lost and the destruction would have been immeasurably worse.

"She was a true hero and an inspiration to us all – as we all enjoy the peace and freedom we so often take for granted we must all be truly grateful to her for the role she played in making this possible.

"She will be truly missed in Sully, across the Vale and further afield, and I would like to pay tribute to her for the significant achievements that she made."