PUPILS at the Vale of Glamorgan's largest primary school enjoyed an interactive off-line assembly recently, when some online giants gave a lessons in internet safety.

Representatives from Google and Parent Zone engaged 360 Romilly primary pupils in a 40-minute session entitled Internet Legends: How to be safe and epic online.

The Barry-based school listened to the internet legends code, which says to think, protect, check and respect.

Vicki Shotbott, chief executive of Parent Zone, said children had been very enthusiastic about the session and were delighted to go home and tell people they were now officially fully-fledged internet legends.

She said: “It was incredible, and definitely the noisiest and most vocal group of kids on the tour so far. We feel that they will really remember it. It will have a high impact.”

She added: “We have been working with Alun Cairns and he encouraged us to visit.”

Vale MP and Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns said: “It was great to welcome Google’s Internet Legends to Romilly Primary school on Friday to talk about internet safety. "They put on an assembly with some of the highest production values I have ever seen.

"The children loved it and most importantly will remember tips for staying safe online.”

The tour, visiting 40 schools throughout the UK, will run until July this year.