SCHOOL inspectors gave Barry Comprehensive School top marks in its latest inspection.

The school was awarded Grade 1 and described as "a good school with a significant number of outstanding features" that is going "from strength to strength" under the leadership of its head, David Swallow.

Outstanding features of the school include the relationships between teachers and pupils and the quality of care, support and guidance students receive.

Children make outstanding progress in their moral and social development in a school that is an orderly and respectful community.

Standards of behaviour are very good. The school was complimented on its highly motivated and enthusiastic teachers and support staff. Inspectors noted a significant amount of outstanding teaching.

Care and support for pupils are likewise outstanding. There is a lot of innovative practice, combined with close communication with parents, special study and revision weekends, and evening sessions to help parents support their children's learning. Inspectors said: "All learners, whatever their background, are valued as individuals and integrated into a cohesive community. All are provided with equal and appropriate opportunities to succeed."

Chairman of governors, Dr Matthew Griffiths, said: "Inspectors complimented all those who have contributed to the progress of the school - pupils, parents and staff. They recognised headteacher David Swallow's inspiring leadership and they saw how strongly the school is supported by the people of Barry and the wider community we serve."

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