TWINS who began making movies by recording on one of the first model iPhones have graduated to the big name entertainment industry.

Brothers Rhys and Gerald Horler, of Barry, have begun working with Hollywood and television stars such as Oceans 11 star George Clooney, Nightmare on Elm Street’s John Saxon and alongside the BBC Casualty crew, C4’s Top Boy, featuring, Shone Romulus and actor Verity Campbell, and have moved on to awards and nominations, red carpets, and premieres.

And now their “no-budget” vampire hunters action comedy horror Pure Bloodlines: Blood Is Thicker Than Water, which started its life on a phone, has just been issued world-wide, by AmazonLOVEFiLM on DVD and IMDb.

The 31-year-old martial artists, who also act, write, illustrate and direct, also took talented South Wales, friends and people, to help progress all their careers.

Projects include the Pure Bloodlines trilogies, Fears, Act of Kindness, The Hooded Man, and Casualty and Pobol y Cwm.

Their first movie the San Francisco-based The iPhone Film Festival, designed to show talent and creativity, attracted interest in early 2013.

And the pair have also been working in London, Los Angeles and Miami.

Rhys, of Highlight Park, said: “We had to rely on a good story, good music, good fighting to do the fight scenes. It’s like the old style films, doesn’t rely on special effects. It’s helped us progress.

“We are just really pleased everyone who’s really involved in the films has had their hard work pay off. It’s helped get people noticed. We had no budget. We did it all ourselves using local talent. We just don’t rely on special effects.”

“We were lucky to work with so many talented people from actors, models, martial artists, singers and musicians including world famous martial artist and actor and director. Gary Wasniewskii, Thaer Al-Shayei, Verity Campbell, Chantelle Latham, Ambar Faith, Richard Morgan, Zoe Ping, Kevin Hiscock, Carlos Hewings, Carla Broughton and Cienna Broughton and Victoria Hopkins.”