DESPITE objections from residents and councillors, planning permission has been granted for a car wash on Broad Street, Barry.

Concerns have been raised that a hand car wash on the former Broad Street Motors site - next to the One Stop Shop - will cause traffic congestion on the busy street and increase the chances of accidents.

A report that went before the Vale of Glamorgan Planning Committee noted that there had been numerous objections to the proposal, including those raised at an earlier Barry Town Council meeting.

When consulted Barry Town councillors had objected to the application due to "evidence from local neighbours and town councillors" showing that a "considerable number of traffic accidents have occurred near the site", because "the car wash facility may generate a large number of customers queuing to get onto the site" and because "drainage appears inadequate and may lead to flooding".

Similar objections were raised via five letters from the public, who were also concerned about the proximity of the development to residential properties and the proposed seven days a week opening hours.

Local ward members were also consulted and Councillor Ian Johnson called the application into planning committee.

The decision to approve the development came with the council report stating: "It is considered that the distance from any nearby residential property (over a road), the proposed hours of operation and the nature of the proposed use ensure that the development will not have an unacceptable impact upon the nearest residential occupiers."

It goes on to say: "While the concerns of local residents have been fully assessed, it is considered that there is no evidence to suggest that the proposed development would be likely to cause accidents or queuing in the highway."

Councillor Ian Johnson said he was disappointed in the decision but welcomed the introduction of new conditions to prevent the site from operating after 6pm among other restrictions.

“Broad Street residents feel very let down by the planning system," he said.

“There was no need for the One Stop Shop to get planning permission when it was opened a few years ago, and now planning permission has been given for a car wash next door, on the basis that the One Stop Shop is there.

“The shop has increased the amount of traffic coming and going on Broad Street, so that what used to be a through road now has many more cars pulling in or pulling out sharply whenever there is a gap in the traffic, leading to accidents and near misses.

“I have concerns that adding a car wash nearby will increase that local traffic and the possibility of more accidents. I also don’t believe that the site is sufficiently large enough to deal with more than a handful of cars, and this could lead to cars queueing on to Broad Street with all of the problems that will involve.

“However, we have been able to secure some restriction on how the site is used.

“They won’t be allowed to work after 6pm at night, there will be a clear screen to prevent spray from coming onto the pavement that will also allow drivers to see if the site is busy, and they will need improved drainage and a license for waste-water from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.

“I will be checking that this is all in place before they begin to work there, and that Vale of Glamorgan planning officers are happy, as I still have concerns that the drainage there is still unsuitable.”