ANYONE banned from one pub in Barry will face being banned by every pub in the town for a minimum of 12 months, under a newly launched Pubwatch scheme.

Aiming to tackle alcohol related crime and disorder in the town, Barry's Pubwatch scheme is being relaunched. Pubs and clubs which have joined Pubwatch will work together to share information about drunken customers or anyone who is asked to leave due to their behaviour.

Pubwatch members will meet once or twice a month to share new ideas and talk about problems arising in their pubs.

Under the scheme anyone found acting in a disorderly manner in licensed premises will be dealt with by the police and then issued with a ban by local landlords from entering every pub in the town.

The length of the ban is discussed by the landlords themselves, with police support.

The Barry licensees have agreed that if someone is banned from one pub they will be banned from all pubs and clubs in the Barry Pubwatch scheme for a minimum of a year.

Landlords in Barry have welcome the relaunch of the scheme to help tackle alcohol related crime.

“Pubwatch is very important for landlords, staff and patrons alike," said John Phillips of Wetherspoons, "As it offers some protection from violence and antisocial behaviour.

"It’s important we all work together to prevent drunkenness in our establishments.

"We want our customers to know they are coming to a safe environment where they can have a relaxing time with their family and friends”.

PCSO Liz Pope said: “It’s great so many licences in the town are taking the issue of disorder seriously and are willing to work with the police to tackle it together.

"Successful Pubwatch schemes can make a big difference to a town and we hop this rejuvenated scheme in Barry will reduce incidents of violent crime and anti-social behaviour and make the town a nicer place to be in the evenings

“When people go out socialising in the town they want to be able to do so in a safe and trouble free environment."