ON AUGUST 16, Atal Y Fro will be holding a sponsored walk in Romilly Park.

‘Walk A Mile in Her Shoes’ is a walk for men to show their support for victims of domestic violence and help families break the cycle of abuse. Men participating in the event can wear women’s shoes or drag on the walk which begins at 12.30pm.

The charity, Atal Y Fro is organising this event to show its commitment to the elimination of domestic violence. This unique organisation here in the Vale provides refuge, advice and support for victims and plays a huge role in terms of education and awareness- raising. Atal Y Fro, which means ‘Vale Prevention’ is committed to supporting the preventative agenda in terms of tackling domestic abuse.

Last month, the Gender- based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Bill was introduced to the National Assembly. This Bill also recognises the importance of prevention and places duties on Welsh Ministers, County and County Borough Councils (Local Authorities) and Local Health Boards to prepare and publish strategies aimed at ending domestic abuse, gender-based violence and sexual violence.

The Bill will lead to the appointment of a Ministerial Adviser to work with the Welsh Government to tackle gender-based violence, domestic abuse and sexual violence. The post is the first role of its kind in the UK.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has also pledged its support to end domestic violence by becoming a White Ribbon County and working towards a White Ribbon award. The White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) award is for Councils demonstrating their commitment to the aims of the campaign. These are:

Mobilising men so that the anti-violence against women and girls message increases in effectiveness and reach (involving men and boys in prevention activities)

Addressing and altering social norms that lead to violent behaviour against women.

Increasing awareness on the issue and providing services aimed at reducing the incidence of domestic violence.

Mobilising the entire local community under the goal of ending violence against women and girls

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or suspect that someone you know is, call the All Wales Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Helpline on 0808 80 10 800.

For more information about the ‘Walk a Mile in her Shoes’ event and for sponsor forms please contact:


01446 744755

Jane Hutt AM