A VETERINARY nurse aiding a dog injured in a vicious attack will need further medical treatment after the dog responsible savaged her arm.

The 31-year-old woman, who did not wish to be named, needed surgery in hospital to ensure no infection had set in to the 13 deep puncture wounds and lacerations sustained during the unprovoked attack.

The bull mastiff cross dog had originally gone for a ten-year-old dog out walking with his two owners, in Burns Crescent, Barry, at 9.30am on Saturday, January 18.

The nurse's 26-year-old fiancé said she had rushed to help the wounded dog while the owner of the dog responsible for the attack had abandoned the animal and shut herself indoors.

Luckily the owner of the injured dog managed to prise the attack dog's jaws open.

The fiancé said: “The owner was looking through her window, safely locked indoors. She made no attempt to take control of her dog, but quite happily sat back as the dog ravaged my fiancee’s arm.

“The owner in this case quite happily lets her dog go without a collar or lead and go on a rampage and maul two of the residents in our normally quiet area.”

He added: “In hospital they cleaned the wounds, some were over one centimetre deep.

“They were worried bits of tooth might be lodged inside any of the 13 puncture wounds.

“They said it will take up to three months to heal and being in her job it has traumatised her.

“She will always be wary in her job now, making it more difficult for her.

“In no way will she be able to do a quarter of her normal duties for the next six months and she can't drive her car."

Police said they were investigating as the incident resulted in two people receiving dog bites and requiring hospital treatment.

One dog was taken to secure kennels where it will be formally examined by the Police Dangerous Dogs officer.