VALE MP Alun Cairns and the National charity Blood Pressure UK are asking the public ‘Do you have lucky numbers?’ as they urge everyone to get their free blood pressure check during their annual Know Your Numbers! Week, which this year takes place between September 16-22.

Over 1,000 official ‘Pressure Stations’ are taking part in the nation’s biggest blood pressure testing event and over 200,000 people are expected to get their blood pressure checked across the UK - residents are able to have theirs checked through this scheme at the pharmacy at St Athan.

Many people do not have ‘lucky numbers’: A shocking one in three adults has high blood pressure and a third of them have no idea, as it has no symptoms. It is the UK’s biggest silent killer, responsible for 60 per cent of strokes and 40 per cent of heart attacks. High blood pressure is also a risk factor for kidney disease and dementia.

New research from Blood Pressure UK has revealed that nearly nine out of 10 people do not know their own blood pressure numbers but we are twice as likely to know our lottery numbers. High blood pressure nearly always has no symptoms, but its effects, if left untreated can be traumatic, both to the patient and also to their family. If it is detected though, it can be successfully managed and returned to a healthy level. Blood Pressure UK is urging all adults to find out their own blood pressure numbers – knowing your lottery numbers might not win you the lottery, but knowing your blood pressure numbers could save your life!

Alun Cairns and Blood Pressure UK are urging local residents to know their blood pressure numbers in the same way they know their height and weight, the only way to find out is to have a free, quick and painless blood pressure check.

Alun said: “This is a very important campaign and one I wholeheartedly support. The research from Blood Pressure UK shows the importance of having blood pressure checks and I would recommend for all local people to come in and get their free check. I will certainly be taking the opportunity of having my blood pressure checked.”

Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of Blood Pressure UK, says: “We are delighted Alun Cairns MP is supporting Know Your Numbers! Week 2013. We are urging everyone to become more aware of this silent killer. From September 16-22, Blood Pressure UK is running the nation’s largest annual blood pressure testing and awareness event, offering free blood pressure checks across the UK in pharmacies, supermarkets, libraries, hospitals, GP surgeries, health clubs, leisure centres and even football grounds.

“High blood pressure is a dangerous condition when not managed properly and we hope everyone will take advantage of the free blood pressure checks in their area to lower their risk of having a stroke or a heart attack”.

For further information on Blood Pressure UK and Know Your Numbers Week, go to:

To find your nearest check visit www.bloodpressureuk/kyn/freebpchecks/findfreecheck