A DRINKING mug series inspired by a Tom Cruise lookalike sighting in Cardiff has led to the production of a rare Barry-themed gift.

Creators of online site I Loves The 'Diff have produced, in time for Christmas, a When Barry Met Sally mug, to follow a recently created card with the same motto.

The Taffywood card and mug series began as a way to get Welshified film titles off the Taffywood.com website and celebrate and share with people.

I Loves The 'Diff and Taffywood products creator, Christian Amodeo said: "Thinking up the film and book titles, such as The Llandaff Time Forgot, Grapes of Roath and Dial 'M' For Merthyr began for my and I on a night out with brother Alex in Cardiff a few years ago.

"We spotted a Tom Cruise lookalike and one of us suggested he was in town filming Days of Rhondda (Days of Thunder).

"The other replied "Oh no, it must be Risca Business!" (Risky Business)

"From there it became a wordplay game our friends and us played and I eventually created a website to which people we didn't know began to contribute.

Christian said: "When Barry Met Sully was sent in by a contributor called the Hutt and is a rare one in that in that it contains two puns.

"It is one of four recent additions to the card range, and just a fortnight ago along with Llanishen Impossible, became one of two new additions to the now 12-strong mug range.

"It's also a happy yellow colour too, which has come out really well.

"The response to the card made me realise it needed to be made into a mug before Christmas."

He added: "I think of Barry with affection as do a lot of people from all over South Wales.

"My grandparents used to bring my brother and me to The Knap when we were kids.

"When my mum was a little girl, she'd look forward to her annual holiday visit to Barry Island.

"These days we loves (CORR) coming down to The Island for the penny arcades and unique feel.

Mugs can be bought from Hamptons in Penarth, the National Museum and visitor centres in the Old Library, The Hayes and Halls of Llandaff, all in Cardiff.

Alternatively, order online at ilovesthediff.com

Local orders being taken - while stocks last - up to and including Monday December, 23.

*A BARRY 2013 calendar, produced by Barry photographer Callum Hamilton. is available from Gifted, in High Street, Barry, and via www.callumhamilton.co.uk