Simon Rimmer showed Sunday Brunch viewers how to make a burger using Spam as he co-hosted the programme from home for the second week in a row.

Both he and Tim Lovejoy appeared on the programme via webcam separately from their own kitchens as they shared recipes and interviewed guests.

Joe Wicks, Richard Blackwood and Jo Hartley appeared on the show remotely.

Sunday Brunch
Both presenters hosted the show from home (Adam Lawrence/Channel 4/PA)

Rimmer shared his curried Spam burger recipe by filming himself putting together the ingredients on his mobile phone.

He created the recipe using store cupboard ingredients.

Fitness coach Joe Wicks, who has been promoting exercise during the Covid-19 lockdown through his online workouts, appeared on the programme from his home.

Paw Patrol: Ready Race Rescue Gala screening
Wicks said it had been an ‘insane couple of weeks’ (Ian West/PA)

He said that it had been an “insane couple of weeks” after his videos received millions of views from households across the globe.

“I thought it was going to be like a few thousand people tuning in in the UK,” he said.

“I had no idea what was going to happen and I have been strapped to a rocket ever since, going round the world at 100mph.”

He said that he hoped the workouts have the “lasting effect” that families continue to exercise together in the mornings as part of their daily routine.

The programme also featured footage from previous episodes of the Channel 4 cooking programme.

While Sunday Brunch aired with a similar format last week, the March 22 show was pulled from the TV schedule due to concerns about coronavirus.