STAND-UP comedian and Sony Award nominee Lloyd Langford is best known for being a regular panelist on television’s Ask Rhod Gilbert.

Having written jokes for Rhod Gilbert, Simon Amstell and Frankie Boyle, Lloyd is now taking to the stage in his own stand-up show so you can hear the ones he decided to keep for himself! With several local dates scheduled in coming weeks across Wales the comedian chats to Andy Howells.

How did you get into comedy?

I started off in amateur dramatics, mainly playing comedy or character parts. After seeing a live stand-up gig at university, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

You’ve written for other comedians including Simon, Frankie and Rhod, what sort of brief do they give you when they want material?

Well, Rhod’s one of my oldest friends in comedy. If I’m writing for him we’ll usually just get together and knock ideas about.

I wrote for both Simon and Frankie as part of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. I was part of team coming up with gags off the back of scripted questions and topics that were featured on the show.

I guess you try to play to a person’s strengths as a performer. Rhod’s got a knack for verbose diatribes, Simon has a razor-sharp wit and Frankie is an expert in comedic articulation of the dark side of the soul.

You just try and build on their already quite considerable talent.

What inspired you to go from writing to performing?

Being a stand-up involves both. You have to generate your own stuff. But I also love writing for other people too. It’s the variety of the job that makes it so interesting.

I can be writing for a friend in the afternoon and then having to gig on my own in the evening.

Are you looking forward to touring across Wales?

I am indeed. I have a real love for the country and so I’m looking at it as both business and pleasure.

Who are your comedy heroes?

Craig Campbell, Harry Hill, Leslie Nielsen, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Ronnie Barker & Stephen Jenkins. I went to school with Stephen Jenkins. He’s very funny.

Is there a comedy moment or joke that makes you laugh every time you see or hear it?

Watch Soupy Norman on YouTube. That’s an incredibly funny idea and execution of an idea.

●Lloyd Langford performs at The Savoy Theatre, Monmouth on March 23 (contact 0160 077 2467 for details).