WILLE and the Bandits go further than expected of a band operating in the rock arena.

They are carrying the genre into unknown territory, mixing award winning musicianship with the ability to produce intoxicating songs without compromise. Each Bandit can be seen at points playing instruments simultaneously, some of which, such as the tongue drum, mohan venna and djembe, are rarely seen in western music and almost never in the Blues Rock scene.

The lyrics of many of Wille Edwards’ songs delve deep. Some lead through a journey of self-realisation, others paint a picture that unashamedly draws on global issues such as climate change and immigration for inspiration, but in a package which doesn’t sound pretentious, forced or preachy.

They deliver their message by the power of song, and when revealing the heavier angry side of their music they can rock out with the best as tours with Deep Purple have proven.

The softer side of Wille and the Bandits has almost peotic, athemic qualities which draws comparisons with Bob Dylan and Ben Harper.

The bands’ strength as musicians and their ability to pull in lovers of all types of music has seen them play Rock, Folk, Blues and Jazz festivals globally to critical acclaim.

Fans of bands from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam and John Butler Trio should check this out. If you want to listen to a band that are taking Rock music into the next chapter than look no further than Wille and the Bandits.

Wille & The Bandits will headline The Full Moon in Cardiff on October 24.