SEAN Taylor will be performing at the West End Club, Barry, with his band on April 22.

Taylor has been performing for 10 years and to celebrate his artistic freedom to recording artist has released new album Flood and Burn.

Taylor said: “I felt a freedom and confidence in writing the original songs, and in the making of this recording. And that’s exciting.”

Recorded in Austin, Texas, by producer Mark Hallman, known for his work with Eliza Gilkyson and Tom Russell amongst others, Flood and Burn embraces a variety of genres, a range of feel and texture.

Songs Codeine Dreams sets up the free and full scope of Flood and Burn with a dream; Cruelty Of Man is close to jazz; Troubadour and Life Goes On have featured in Taylor’s live gigs for a couple of years and each has grown over time.

Heartbreak Hotel is the only cover — one of Sean’s favourite songs, it features Eliza Gilkyson as a guest on backing vocals, Mark Hallman on bass and Andre Moran on slide.

Album closer Better Man was written with double bass legend Danny Thompson in mind and features Danny playing.

Other special guests on the album include Leonard Cohen’s band leader Roscoe Beck (double bass), Andre Moran (electric and slide guitar), plus Hana Piranha (violin), Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Jaimee Harris (backing vocals), Mike Hardwick (pedal steel), Joe Morales (saxophone), and producer Mark Hallman on all sorts.

“Flood and Burn may be the best thing I have ever done,” says Taylor.

To support the release of Flood and Burn, which was out in February, Taylor will be touring the UK and beyond in 2017.

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