ART Central gallery, in Barry town centre, will be hosting an exhibition of distinctive, large scale oil paintings by Merthyr Tydfil based artist Gustavius Payne.

The exhibition at Art Central is called ‘The Cause and Effect Hypothesis’ and explores the power and control dynamic of contemporary society. The artist occasionally draws on personal experiences to inform his work and alongside this he explores contemporary events and cultural norms, folk-lore, mythology and tradition; making this exhibition a great mix of ideologies and thought-provoking narratives.

The artist questions how ‘our increasingly global society treats its children; its neighbours; its vulnerable; those designated as “others”; the planet? What relevance is the past? And what of the future!’

Payne is a newly accepted member of the Welsh Group; a collective of artists giving voice to the visual Arts in Wales. The Welsh group consists of over 40 Welsh or Wales based artists; it is a great honour to be granted acceptance.

The exhibition is open until 16 November, between 10am–4pm, from Tuesdays to Saturdays at Art Central Gallery, King Square, Barry. For more information about this and other arts activity and events visit enjoy/art central.