LAST year's Richard Buckley 'It's a Knockout' cup was contested by the Top House (Mrs Brown's), The Coronation Club (The Scousers) and Erw'r Delyn (The Minions).

A closely contested boxing match over the shark infested pool saw The Cora come out slightly in front in the open category.

This was followed by the shaving foam darts/obstacle course event which saw The Minions draw level after some 'dubious' darting techniques and Adam James glueing the orange to his head (shortly before his trip to A&E).

Mrs Brown's won the event, leaving everything resting on the challenge Paca bungee event.

Despite valiant efforts by all three teams, and their respective first aiders, Paca emerged victorious once again to leave it a tie.

This year's fun filled event will be held at Cogan Field on Sunday, August 24, kicking off at 2pm. This years competition see's The Village People, The Pirates of the Caribbean and the Doctors and Nurses battle for the trophy.

In addition to the Its a Knockout competition there will also be a bouncy castle assault course, refreshments, and various family fun and games.

Organisers hope as many people as possible turn up to support the event and join in the fun to recreate the success of last year and enable them to boost funds of worthwhile causes.