WEDNESDAY, August 6 2014

Cadoxton v Millwood - Munro Cup

The last game of the Munro Cup for Cadoxton was played at home against Millwood.

A creditable performance was marred once again by failing to play to the end.

Howard Craven clawed his way back on his rink against Keith Davies, from 12-5 down to take a one shot lead on the penultimate end. However, some inept bowling left Howard 5 or 6 shots down, on the last, which he could only convert to a loss of three.

Kelvin Chedgzoy seemed in control with an advantage against Brian Crockford of 10-4, only to win one more end, whilst 16 shots were scored against.

Even Gordon Davies lost three of the last four ends, although he had ensured a winning rink against Jim Butler, with some superb play early in the game, which took his rink into a11-0 advantage. A ‘5’ & ‘2’ were conceded but the 11 shot gap was recovered by the end at 24-13.

John Jones had a ‘nightmare’ match against previous Cadoxton player Andrew Hatcher to score on just three ends in the first sixteen. However two singles were scored to finish, which was no consolation.

S Clements, D Evans, D Brook, H Craven 14 - 16 K Lewis, L Adams, B Davies, K Davies

J Stacey, I Heppenstall, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 12 - 20 A Annis, S Hpokins, J Slee, B Crockford

E Heppenstall, R Byrne, D Jeffries G Davies 25 - 18 K Thomas, B Howcroft, R Thomas, J Butler

J Ferguson, D Hammond, I Robertson, J Jones 7 – 20 A Evans, B Webb, M Willaims, A Hatcher

58 - 74

Saturday, August 9 2014

Cadoxton v Maerdy - ML4

In a rain effected ML 4 match, with Cadoxton at home to Maerdy, the decision was made to shorten the game due to the conditions.

Howard Craven had a bad start with seven against without scoring, on his rink. Five ends later heavy rain interfered with the difference the same at 11-4. On resumption the home side got the better of the play and a ‘5’ assisted in closing the gap to just one shot, with one remaining end. A brilliant last bowl by Howard almost made the two required for victory but had to settle for one to tie.

Gordon Davies conceded a ‘5’ on the first but a good run took his rink into a 13-8 lead, but three losing ends brought the scores level for another tie.

Don Kuhnell scored steadily with his rink to reach 10-3 when the rain interruption came. This was the start of a comeback for the opposition, who took a one shot lead with two ends left. On the penultimate end Don added a shot to the four shots already in the head, with some good bowls from the front players, but unfortunately in an attempt to add another, an opponent’s bowl was clipped in to reduce the count to three. A further two shots were added on the final end to ensure a win.

Kelvin Chedgzoy’s rink started steadily with a 3-2 lead after five ends. Unfortunately a ‘5’ & ‘4’ were lost whilst scoring ‘2’. The visitors continued scoring and had a 17-10 lead with two ends left. At this stage the other three rinks had finished, so they were aware that six shots were required to tie the aggregate score. This was almost accomplished a ‘2’ was scored on the next end, and on the final end four shots were held, but converted to three with the opponents last bowl.

A close but disappointing result!

L Davies, S Clarke, D Brook, H Craven 13 - 13

P Swannick, R Harding, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 12 - 17

R Byrne, D Evans, J Jones , D Kuhnell 15 - 11

G Solomon, D Tuck, D Jeffries, G Davies 13 - 13

53 – 54

Cadoxton ‘A’ v Millwood ‘A’ - ML5

This match was not completed, due to the weather and will be finished at a later date.