MILLWOOD finished their Munro Cup games with a 50 per cent win ratio after this game against Cadoxton. After the 4th end, Millwood were trailing Cadoxton by 8 shots at 11-19, and after the 9th end the deficit had been reduced to only 3 shots to Cadoxton by 33-36, and on the 13th end there was a swing in the lead to Millwood by 4 shots to lead by 52-48, and at the 18th end, Millwood had the game won by the 16 shot margin at 74-58.

A big thank you to ALL players for a very long and sometimes frustrating Munro Cup run, but I’m sure that everyone concerned enjoyed it. We don’t know yet what is going to happen next season with the change in format, so let’s hope there isn’t going to be too much too cope with. Well done.

Millwood vs. Cadoxton (Munro Cup) Wed. 6/8/2014 (away).

Millwood Cadoxton

Rink 2. A. Anniss, S. Hopkins, J. Stacey, J. Heppenstall,

J. Slee, B. Crockford. (skip). P. Ellis, K. Chedczoy. (skip).

20. 12.

Rink 3. K.Lewis, L. Adams, S. Clements, D. Evans,

B. Davies, K. Davies. (skip). D. Brook, H. Craven. (skip).

16. 14.

Rink 4. A. Evans, B. Webb, J. Ferguson, D. Hammond,

M. Williams, A. Hatcher. (skip). I. Robertson, J. Jones. (skip).

20. 7.

Rink 5. K. Thomas, B. Howcroft, E. Heppenstall, D. Byrne,

R. Thomas, J. Butler. (skip). D. Jeffries, G. Davies. (skip).

18. 25.

Match result : Millwood – 74 Cadoxton – 58.