BARRY Saints played host to the Knap FC on Sunday which turned out to be a one sided affair. With a few key players missing it was a chance to see a different style of play. From the outset the Saint dominated and quick ball was flowing from the hands of Elston to the back four. This is going to be the philosophy of the Saints game this year. With a strong Saints defence, the Knap never looked to threaten them.

With eclectic work rate from the middle of Cummings and Evans, the Knap soon found the pace was too fast for them, and Saints went one up. With Joey and Wally working the wings at great pace, the Saints soon found another well worked goal.

With the Saint now controlling the game a third was to follow, and a forth just before the half time whistle. Manager Long had very little to talk about on the side of the pitch as the lads had a great half, and was extremely happy with play.

The second half had plenty more goals in it with Dez grabbing his 5th and Cave grabbing his hat-trick, it was Wally that had a tap in from 5 yards out. Saints finished the game off with the 10th goal of the game, and a great end to the pre-season. Manager Long has been happy with the play so far and hopes it continues for the rest of the year.

Saints start their new life in division 2 with a home game against Railway Wanderers, which will be a hard opener. Saints will be looking for a 3rd promotion this year.