MILLWOOD ‘A’ suffered a rather crushing blow to their hopes of staying in contention towards the top positions in the Division, by losing by a rather large 55 shot margin.

At the 5th end Millwood ‘A’ were only a matter of 3 shots behind at 18-21, but at the 10th end the margin to Roath Park had gone up to 16 shots at 30-46. Millwood ‘A’ as much as they tried could not reduce the deficit and after 15 ends were 41—67 shots adrift, only to finish after the 21st end by the large 55 shot margin at 51—106. This ensured the maximum 14 points going to Roath Park leaving Millwood ‘A’ with only 2 matches left to try to gain as many points as possible.

The next game is against Cadoxton ‘A’ this Saturday at home. C’mon the ‘A’ side, we know you can do it.

Division 5. Millwood ‘A’ vs. Roath Park (away) 2/8/2014.

Millwood ‘A’ Roath Park

Rink 1. A. Hardwick. (skip). P. Mayer. (skip).

12. 25.

Rink 2. A. A. Williams. (skip). J. Roberts. (skip).

13. 29.

Rink 3. A. Thompson. (skip). M. Franklin. (skip).

12. 23.

Rink 4. J. Butler. (skip). C. Jenkins. (skip).

14. 29.

Match result:—Millwood ‘A’ – 51. Roath Park – 106.