THERE were good performances and high placings when the Barry YMCA Gymnastic Club U12 and O12 teams competed at the South Central Floor and Vault Championships.

The U12 team - Tamzin Williams, Caitlin Meadows, Evie Wong, Bria Karim, Erin Gamble and Lara Watkins - finished on the podium in second spot, with individual success for Lara (second overall and second on floor and vault), Erin (sixth overall and sixth place ribbons on vault floor), Bria (seventh overall and third on vault) and Evie (sixth place ribbon on vault).

In the O12 regional event, Ffion Byrne became the South Central floor and vault champion and also gained gold and silver medals on floor and vault respectively, while, in the O12 club category, Chloe Sullivan, Zoe Arnold and Chloe Gabb all competed new skills within their routines and performed well. Chloe Gabb gained a fifth place ribbon on vault.

The following week the Barry gymnasts were competing at the Welsh Floor and Vault Team Championships, with both the U12 and O12 teams winning fourth place ribbons.

Although there were no individual medals, spot prizes were awarded and, in the O12 category, recognition went to Kelsey Cross (vault) and Chloe Sullivan (floor). In the U12s, awards went to Lara Watkins (vault), who was named as the third highest scoring gymnast overall in Wales, and Erin Gamble (floor).

To celebrate the Commonwealth Games, there was a 'Design a Banner' competition and Celyn Powell, Sophia Foscolo and Tamzin Williams won prizes.

A big thank you goes to the coaches for their continued work at the club and congratulations to all gymnasts competing at this event - Alana Stokes, B Karim, Celyn Powell, C Gabb, C Sullivan, Ellice Stockford, E Wong, E Gamble, K Cross, L Watkins, Laila-Jade Lang, Seren Mirza Davies, S Foscolo, T Williams and Z Arnold.