PALMERSTON Primary School received a visit from Glamorgan cricket star Jim Allenby - who gave children a masterclass in cricket and the art of playing fair.

The coaching session followed a special assembly, hosted by Cricket Wales, where pupils were taught the importance of playing sport in a hard but fair manner.

After that the children got to test out their cricketing skills in an outdoor session with the Australian born all-rounder.

Ten-year-old Chloe said: "It was really fun. We learnt how to play cricket. I didn’t know how to play it before but now I do".

Rowan, 10, added: "I really liked the assembly. It taught us lots of things like how to be a good sport.”

Palmerston headteacher Mark Middlemiss said: "We are always trying to give kids the chance to shine, we want them to see what talents they have and today is a great chance to give them an opportunity to try something new.

And about Jim's visit he added: "They’ve got someone to aspire to, he’s a role model.

"They can see that it’s not just someone off the TV. It’s a real, normal person. It gives them something to aim for.”

Jim himself had a great time teaching the children, he said: “It’s been unbelievable. The kids were brilliant and I think they really enjoyed themselves.

"By the end of the session they really got into the spirit of it, shaking each other’s hands and it’s great to see.

"I’ve had a ball and feel lucky that I’ve got to come down here and spend the morning with these great children."

The event was a partnership between Marylebone Cricket Club and Chance to Shine, the charitable campaign to keep cricket alive in schools.