BARRY Romilly Bowls Teams were involved in a mixed bag of results in the last week with a late cancellation to their Munro Cup match on Wednesday,

a good result for the club side and a disappointing result for the ‘A’ Team.

Club Team

Romilly Club Team welcomed Ynysybwl to Romilly Park for the opening CML Div 1 league game of the season. After the rain during the week the forecast heavy rain showers didn’t materialise and the game was played in perfect conditions in ideal surroundings and a green in the best condition it has been for many years, thanks to the hard work put in by the Vale Council and their ground staff.

The game began with Ynysybwl taking charge during the early part of the game leading by three shots after five ends. At the tenth end the game remained very close but the 'Rom' had edged into the lead by three shots mainly due to the rink of Jeff Wright’s who were leading 14–3. At end fifteen Romilly had increased their lead to twelve with Wright’s rink still held their advantage and Mel Newman’s rink began to gather momentum to lead by ten shots with the rinks of Cogbill and Foscolo trailing their opponents.

The 'Rom' then took charge with Wright’s rink maintaining the lead to the end winning 24–12, Newman’s rink went on to win by 25–11 and Graham Cogbill’s rink who struggled up to the 16th end amazingly ran out 25–15 winners after scoring 17 shots over the final 5 ends. The only blot on the scoreline was Brian Foscolo’s rink who were ahead early but succumbed to brilliant bowling by Ynysybwl’s skip Tommy Cannon to lose 16–25.

Overall score was Romilly 90–63 Ynysybwl gaining 12 points to Ynysybwl’s 2.

Romilly ‘A’

Romilly ‘A’ Side travelled to Merthyr to play Thomastown in a league 3 fixture and new that this would be a difficult fixture as Thomastown team included current International players and many up and coming youngsters. The match began with the ‘Rom’ finding themselves down by 17 shots with the rinks of Cyril Geen and Bryn Gough finding the going tough. By the 10th end the deficit was now 31 shots with only Brian Cheal’s rink holding a one shot lead and the rinks of Geen, Gough and Des Bannister continuing to struggle against a side looking to make the top division in a couple of years. The game was lost by the end of the 15th end with Romilly behind by 44 shots but during the final 6 ends the rinks of Gough and Bannister fought hard to win those last ends as did Brian Cheal’s rink but they unfortunately dropped a four on the last end. The rink of Cyril Geen never got to grips with their opponents and suffered a heavy defeat.

Rink Scores: C Geen 12–31; B Cheal 14–22; D Bannister 18–26; B Gough 16–23.

Result Romilly ‘A’ 68-102

Romilly 0 Thomastown 14