BARRY Romilly had two games last week with a Munro Cup game and and an ‘A’ team S V L A game but the Club side were without a game for the second week running.


In the Munro Cup match Romilly visited Barry Central on Wednesday, May 28, looking to continue their good start to the season. The ‘Rom’ started strongly

and by the fifth end were ahead 20–7 this trend continued and by the tenth end the score had moved on to 49–17 with the rink of Clive Tapscott, Des

Bannister, Cyril Geen and Skip Tony Freeman leading 17–0. Freemans rink continued to play well and won 25–3 with the rink of Ciive Collins taking

16 shots in the last five ends to win comfortably by 32–6. Mel Newman’s rink also won comfortably by 20–8 with Bob Wyatt’s rink edging out Tom Kaged’s

rink 17-14 giving Romilly a win by 94–31 and a further 14 league points.


On Saturday Romilly ‘A’ entertained Millwood B C in a SVLA game in weather more in keeping with bowls than the rain of previous weeks. Romilly

began positively and were 22–13 ahead at five ends and were still in command 40–27 at halfway. By the fifteenth end the ‘Rom’ had moved comfortably

ahead 59–38 with the rinks of Des Bannister and Bryn Gough well ahead 22–10 and 22–6 respectively, with Tony Freeman’s rink just shading Millwood’s

Tony Williams 17–15 and Bob Wyatt’s rink down by six shots to Mike Williams. Romilly continued their consistency on the rinks of Bannister, Gough and

Freeman all maintaining their form until the end whereas Bob Wyatt’s rink continued to struggle, finally succumbing to a ten shot defeat 12–22. The final

result was a 78–60 and a 12 points to 2 Romilly victory.