Cadoxton v Belle Vue - Munro Cup (Wednesday May 22)

PENARTH Belle Vue were the visitors in this Munro Cup fixture at Cadoxton, on a beautiful sunny evening.

The home side had a mixture of new and old players making up their team and received stiff opposition from the visitors.

Kelvin Chedzoy’s rink was trailing 8-3 after nine ends. After four more ends they were leading 12-11with two ‘4’s helping the turn over. However they failed to score again.

John Jones skipped a rink that struggled from the start and at halfway the score was 14-3 against. A mini revival reduced the score to 16 -7, but was unable to have any further success.

Don Kuhnell’s rink seemed to be in control with six winning ends from nine. However the opposition lengthened the jack and were successful on the next six ends, to take a 14-9 lead. Three singles on the final ends were not enough to cancel out the deficit.

Howard Craven skipped the forth rink that couldn’t make any impression on the outcome after going 9-1 down after five ends. During the remainder of the game, both sides scored 10 shots each.

Rink scores (Cadoxton first): G Powell, J Crout, D Brook, H Craven 11-19 B Bagwell, A Stockham, T Ford, L Aubrey; M Curtis, R Byrne, I Robertson, K Chedgzoy 12-22 D Rogan, F Keen, R Fitzjohn, L Fowler; S Clements, A Prince, G Davies, D Kuhnell 12-14 D Miller, G Thomas, J Allen, M Thomas; D Hammond, K Cowling, D Jeffries, J Jones 7-22 G Ford, R Patterson, D Thomas, B Morgan. Cadoxton 42, Belle Vue 77.

Saturday, May 24 - A friendly against Sully and an SVL match against Llantwit Major were both cancelled due to the weather.