ILLNESS has left Cadoxton Bowling Club short of players for their early games, but they have managed to play all fixtures except one.

Unfortunately, some games were played with triples due to the shortage although, hopefully, the problems will be overcome in the near future.

Meanwhile, Cadoxton would welcome new faces to ensure they can fulfil forthcoming league fixtures.

The club has lost one (Llantwit Major) and won one (Rhoose) of their Munro Cup games, while they opened their Carruthers Shield campaign at Caerau Athletic where they were beaten by half a shot due to having to play with one short on one rink.

The second Carruthers game ended in another narrow defeat against Penarth.

The ‘A’ side opened their SVL games with a win against Murch, while the second scheduled match against Barry Romilly was conceded because of Cadoxton's inability to raise a full team.


In their third Carruthers Shield fixture, Cadoxton achieved a six-shot win in a hard fought game in Dinas Powys.

This was mainly possible thanks to a fine 15-shot win by Kelvin Chedgzoy's rink, which was in full command for most of the game. Cadoxton's other winning rink was skipped by Don Kuhnell.

Rink scores (Cadoxton first): J Sugden, I Robertson, D Brook, H Craven 17, D Davies, B Frampton, J Manfield, P Jenkins 19;

P Swannick, R Harding, P Ellis, K Chedgzoy 26, M Warman, R Crouch, R Toozer, D Blainey 11; J Stacey, D Evans, G Davies, D Kuhnell 20, P Venn, A Perry, D Poole, C Garland 18; D Tuck, G Solomon, D Jeffries, J Jones 12, C Salvidge, T Rice, I Robinson, R Mauchline 21. Murch 69, Cadoxton 75.


Playing with two players short in Saturday's SVL game, Cadoxton forfeited six shots against their local rivals but were still well beaten by 36 shots.

The highlight for Cadoxton was a recovery on the rink skipped by Dennis Hammond, which hit back from 11-3 down to win 21-18.

Rink scores (Cadoxton first): S Clements, R Byrne, K McMahon, D Hammond 21, A Annis, R Wills, S Williams, A Norris 18; E Heppenstall, D Fanning, A Turner 8¼, D Lougher, P Child, L Adams, A Hardwick 17; G Powell, R Morris, R Cole 9¾, M Wheaton, A Perry, P Hockey 30; I Heppenstall, A Carpenter, A Prince, J Crout 15, C Mallows, K Thomas, G Williams, M Williams 25. Cadoxton 54, Millwood 90.