BARRY Bombettes welcomed Croesyceiliog for their quarter final make or break showdown.

Having edged past the same opponents in a tight and bruising game earlier in season, the Bombettes set their stall out differently. As their coach commented its always raining when we come down here, but the sun did shine down on some scintillating backs tries.

The stall was set from the outset with the diminutive No2 Phillips collecting the kick off and charging into the Croesy forwards. The Barry pack had the upper hand from the first scrum to last and used this to their advantage. The back row of Davies, No8 Yapp and Young (WOM) tackled anything that moved and were powerful in attack. The front five of Cahill, Phillips, Richards were supported by the unsung heroines in the 2nd row of Coleman and Helmore. Young was the stand out forward though sniping around the fringes, spoiling ball for the Croesy No9 and making a few telling breaks. All the forwards carried the ball well, and they communicated well, making numerous crunching tackles on the large Croesy forwards.

The backs though will take the plaudits for scoring all of Barry’s tries and rightly so. After good work by the back row, Day-Smith collected the ball deep in the Barry half ; she off loaded to Perry who set off on an arcing run from outside her 10m to sprint in for her first try. Narrowly the conversion was missed.

Croesy came back with renewed vigour and camped in the home 22. Valiant defence from both forwards and backs alike prevented any score. One crunching tackle in particular springs to mind with No 15 O’Neil sitting the attacking player down ferociously, causing a knock on. Barry cleared their lines however, just when the danger seemed to have passed the No 9 sniped down the blind side for a soft try (uncoverted). Croesy were on getting on top and pressurising, but Yapp put her body on line forcing a knock on with the home try line begging. With coaches/supporters thinking clear the lines the backs had other ideas. With their renewed confidence and new partnerships with Perry at No 13 and Bannister at No14, they put the ball through the hands. The speed of pass was clinical as Perry started her run from 10m from our try line. She brushed past tackles before off loading to K Jones (C) who made more yards before off loading to Shanhan. The Barry forwards then joined in running some lovely angles, which pushed Croesy back deep into their 22. Shenanigans then sniped down the blind with Day-Smith just being tackled short. The ball came back into the forwards with Croesy being penalised for slowing the ball down (not for the first time). A quick tap from No 9 to the ever lurking K Jones resulted in her powering over .

10-5 to the home side with the half time whistle .

More of the same was the call and Barry did not disappoint. Barry intelligently started using their kicking game with No 10 Fox-Mabe and Shanhan kicking well behind theCroesy backs. Following another solid Barry scrum the ball was shipped intelligently left for Perry to sprint off for her 2nd try. Following a Fox-Mabe chip and chase Croesy had to concede a line out. This signalled Barry s try of the day. Following text book throw in, catch and off load by Young, Shanhan fed her backs and after slick passing Perry powered over on the left again. 20-5. The bench were used well with Phillips holding a shoulder knock and Richards being replaced by Kath Jones and Rosie Bellisio.

Croesy rallied and to their credit managed a 2nd try by their WOM No9 which was converted 20-12.

Any thoughts of a shock come back were cancelled out with more solid attacking play and accurate kicking. From a 5m scrum Shanhan powered over on the blind with the home linesman shouting out try to the ref Britton and Rees had short appearances and showed their mettle with O Neill and Bannister making way.

Final score 25-12 and Bombettes worthy winners.

Team: O’Neill, Bannister, Perry, K Jones (C), Day-Smith, Fox-Mabe, Shanahan, Yapp, Young, Davies, Coleman, Helmore, Cahill , Phillips and Richards . Super subs: Kath Jones, Belliso, Rees, Britton, Amy and Williams.

Barry WOM Young and Croesyceiliog chose Perry.

The management would like to congratulate the whole team for a committed performance and a well deserved quarter final Cup victory. Potter will not avoid the celebratory drink for her hat trick of tries. One word of caution is that we must not get embroiled in a wrestling match. The forwards laid the ground work but the backs demonstrated what they can do and the future looks bright green and white. Well done to the Super subs and special thanks to Chris and Rache for the lovely food.

This win sets up Barry Bombettes semi final match v Maesteg away on Sunday, May 11. Supporters welcome, contact Rachel/club, and if sufficient numbers transport may be arranged.