RHOOSE boxers travelled to Whitchurch Legion Club where they fought in Championship matches on Friday, January 17.

First up was 14-year-old Tyron Hayman from Barry up against Sion Squires from Caerau Dragons ABC.

The Rhoose boxer dominated the contest from the opening round, catching his opponent with clean well-schooled punches. In the second round the Rhoose boxer stood his ground, catching Sion with head shots which resulted in an eight count but, to the boxer’s credit, he managed to last the three rounds. Hayman now moves into the semi-final spot and has a good chance this year to take the championship.

Next was 14-year-old Jay Munn in only his 5th contest who was up against defending champion Henry Price from Roath Youth ABC.

The Rhoose boxer started the first round very well, catching the more experienced boxer with plenty of good well-balanced punches. In the second round, Jay tried to finish the job and stayed too long in the same area and was caught by his opponent which resulted in an eight count.

The Rhoose trainers, who had been watching Jay carefully from the ring corner, decided to pull him out in the second round to stop him taking further punishment from the defending champion.

The Rhoose coach said: "Jay has the heart of a champion and his time will come. He has no need to take shame in pulling out."

Next up was 17-year-old youth prospect Louis Mills from Rhoose point who was up against Morgan Palmer from Arthur's Gym in Pontypridd.

This contest for the Rhoose boxer, on paper, should have been a simple steppingstone, not taking anything away from his opponent who was there to win too. In a shocking performance from the Rhoose boxer the Pontypridd boxer won the fight.

The Rhoose trainer said: "Championships are not a given, have to be worked for and not to be taken for granted - a lesson learned for young Louis Mills."