DURING Christmas week, the locally-based Mackintosh Cricket Club held their 10th anniversary presentation dinner in the cosy surroundings of the restaurant at the Sully Constitutional Club.

Players, wives and lady friends enjoyed a full Christmas dinner at the mid-winter break.

Among those present were Terry Sylvester, taking a break from his work on Clydeside with the Waverley Trust, and Rod Howe, father of Chris, star of the show, and younger brother Michael, now following in Chris' footsteps.

The enjoyable task of presenting three awards went to 'Mack' skipper Sam German, with the first going, inevitably, to vice-captain Chris Howe as the team's leading batsman/fielder during 2013. The mercurial Chris finished the 2013 season with a batting average of 53.3 - a great achievement in 20 overs cricket.

The second award went to Kieran Amin who, in his first season with the 'Mack,' proved to be an outstanding opening bat/opening fast bowler, with much success expected of him this year.

Stepping up for the third award as the most promising wicketkeeper/batsman was Michael Howe, who was also in his first season and is a much-needed recruit.

The efforts of Sam German in organising the team throughout the season and the presentation evening were highlighted by Terry Sylvester, while the captain thanked everyone for attending just a couple of days before Christmas.

Finally, there were apologies for Dave Gamble, the team's only Scotsman, who had returned to his native land that very day.