THERE has been a lot of recent criticism regarding the ongoing roadworks at Whites Corner at Barry Island, and this is a review from a resident.

We are delighted that there will be a traffic light system in the future.

The roundabout that was in place beforehand did not work.

It was the area that would become back-logged and it would sometimes take up to an hour just to pass through that area, which was unacceptable.

At least with traffic lights that situation should not arise as the traffic will be kept flowing.

The works do seem to be taking ages to complete but at least we have the new road to take up some of the slack.

Our main problem is the illegal parking outside Finnegan’s Pub.

Early evenings can see up to five cars parked on the double yellow lines and we are having to squeeze through the smaller lane just to get past.

I can’t imagine how an emergency service vehicle would cope.

I did speak to the council a few weeks ago to update them of the problem and I was assured that the police and traffic wardens would be asked to keep on top of the situation.

This has not happened/worked.

In fact we were behind a police patrol car recently and despite themselves having trouble getting through, the police car just kept driving past and did not stop to book the cars.

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