YOUR recent article on The Who coming back to Cardiff in December (What’s On – They hoped they’d die before they got old but still rock 50 years later) reminded me of a previous gig they did in the late 1960’s. I was born and brought up in Penarth, and as I recall, I went to see them in the Memorial Hall Barry (always known then as ‘The Memo’ in those days) in 1968 or 1969. There were lots of Penarth boys and girls there as I recall, and I took a couple of photographs which are attached.

When I researched their gig list, there was no reference to them appearing at The Memo. They are listed as appearing in Cardiff and Swansea (Top Rank) in 1967 and again in Cardiff (Sophia Gardens) in 1970, but nothing in Barry.

Were any of your readers there? Are the various Who web sites lacking this information, or is my memory failing? Any information will be gratefully received.

I also remember seeing Ginger Baker’s Air Force there around 1969. This was soon after he and the other members of Cream had split up. Halcyon days.

Bruce Wallace

Cowin Park



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