I NOTICE that the new construction on the old cinema site is nearly complete and I have to say when you approach from the old bus station it reminds me of me of one of my grandson's lego creations, when compared to the old cinema building its seems that modern is not always better.

When you think of the history that has been removed in recent years such as the Knap Lido filled in to make a park , Dinam Hall that was, I seem to remember once earmarked to be the Barry Dock museum, is still an empty plot, add to that the Barry Dock Hotel that’s chain locker bar was known around the world, why has Barry’s biggest eyesore left untouched, with trees growing where members used to stand.

The old R.A.O.B. club in Broad Street has been derelict for over 15 years, why has the council not urged the landlords/owners to do something?

Surely with the old Barclays Bank empty the plot is crying out for regeneration.

Was it ever going to be a multi-storey car park for High Street as you once reported I doubt it.

Is it that we have to wait for the building to reach its centenary before the council sees fit to take action.

Any visitors to the town must look and wonder why? Why not concentrate on what needs doing before destroying any more of the town's ever decreasing heritage.

Neil Hollister

Gladstone Road