I READ the article in last week's paper concerning the 200 million year old dinosaur foot prints at the Bendricks. We have been very proud of these footprints and have tried to keep them quiet as people like the person that wrote the article have focused much attention on them, in my opinion causing them to be the focus of many people trying to retrieve them over the years.

The footprint with the plaster in is a big concern, and was not damaged from the people trying to get the plaster out, these are local people who are trying to protect these footprints and the stone was placed on top to hide the footprint. And as for the fires witch are happening over this beach and every other beach in Barry too, they are concerning, kids with not a lot to do in the area unfortunately, but that is a different matter. So please please from a very concerned local who really does love the fact that we have something to cherish and look at over our beach, please stop highlighting the footprints and maybe they will last another 200 million years.

Thank you

From a user of the Bendricks beach for over 40 years

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