ACCORDING to the Vale council E-Newsletter Friday 15/08/2014, ‘Rangers’ at Porthkerry Park are asking for volunteers to do their job, clearing rubbish.

There used to be a full time ranger at Porthkerry who did this or at least arranged for the other rangers to do this job and keep the park tidy and cut the grass all over the park.

If the people paid to be ‘rangers’ are unable to do their jobs why are they still employed?

Porthkerry park is, or used to be, one of the most pleasant of places in the Barry area to visit, grass cut, rubbish in bins and the whole area kept tidy.

Why oh why has our council, who are paid by residents, let the park degenerate into such a mess and then hope for volunteers to tidy the place up, what will be next - more cuts to public services and higher council and councillor expenses?

Mike Piper