The Vale council has now announced that the Vale can look forward to over £32million worth of savings over the next three years,and they have stated that nothing is free from scrutiny.

Oh really, does that mean that we will be getting rid of the CEO,or the council leader will be taking a 50 per cent pay cut,or the deputy leader will become a non paying roll,perhaps even we can get rid of the mayoral roll thus saving even more money.

How about putting a parking charge for Vale councillors say at a cost of £10 for two hours. Neil Moore and his merry men didn't care to think about savings when they splashed out all that money on the council chamber did they. I'm afraid people, that it will be the same old politician story, whereby we joe public, will take the brunt of the cuts while the politicians of Mr Moores' council will still live in dream land.

And those people calling for the Vale to be joined at the hip with Cardiff Council be careful what you wish for, as just like the Vale Labour Council they are just as easygoing, spending our money as the Vale.


Coleridge Crescent