I WOULD like to respond to a letter that I have received regarding issues in the Bassett area of the Court ward.

I just wish the person would put their name to the letter so that I can personally respond to them. I will continually push for the items listed below to get done.

It is getting harder and harder to get this Labour-led Vale of Glamorgan Council but when it comes to health and safety this matters should be dealt with as a priority. Firstly, I have to agree the safety perimeter fence should be repaired now at Bassett Park and not in the winter when the children are indoors.

Next up is the upper Holton Road area which although I have received complaints I am pleased to report this area is soon to be redeveloped including new paving.

I am disappointed to hear that council grass cutters are not picking up the grass at Bassett Park which is blocking the drains. I will now take this matter up with the Head of Service.

Talking of Holton road I will now asked for the litter bins to be emptied on Kings Square as this person requests.

Finally, I have to agree that the condition of the toilets at Barry Island and not good for tourism. Although by law we do not have to provide public toilets I do feel that toilets at the Island must be improved to encourage more tourists to our town.

The letter writer is spot on in saying that whilst our council tax continues to rise we are getting less and less in terms of value for money from the Labour-led Vale Council. We Independents do listen and continue to press for improvements and not so high council tax rises but so far they have refused to listen.

Councillor Richard Bertin,


Vale of Glamorgan Council.