In 2010, when Plaid Cymru was in charge of regeneration at the Welsh Government, Barry was given Strategic Regeneration Area status and £9.8m of funding.

Sadly, after Plaid Cymru left the Welsh Government, Labour changed the rules – scrapping the seven Strategic Regeneration Areas and allowing each of the 22 local councils in Wales to bid for the next round of funding.

The result was that Barry’s bid failed at the first hurdle, and we lost out on £15m.

It seems somewhat cheeky, if not downright rude and insulting, that the Labour Minister responsible for Barry losing out on that funding should then come here and tell us that his £1m ‘tackling poverty’ funding will provide a further boost to the town.

The difference between Plaid Cymru’s vision for regeneration of Barry and that of Labour is quite clear - Plaid Cymru ministers put their money where their mouth is.

Cllr Ian Johnson

Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales

Gladstone Road