CAN somebody please tell me what idiot decided to put security fencing along part of the M4 corridor and erect it on the wrong side of the barriers? What on earth is going to happen now if, for argument sake, a young mother breaks down on this part of the M4 with young children in the car? These barriers are put there for her and our protection from oncoming traffic should we break down, we stand behind the barriers. If you ask me security for these non entity politicians has gone much too far, we the ordinary Joe public have once again been made to suffer gross inconvenience so a few politicians can spout a load of hot air and no action. It’s just one massive jolly paid for by the taxpayer. Who will take the rap if some poor soul is killed waiting for recovery if he or she cannot stand behind the barriers. I have no doubt that Obama’s protection squad will be on full alert when informed a mother has broken down on the M4 with young children in the car. As far as I am concerned the sooner this lot of shambolic politicians leave Wales the better.

D. J. Radford