MY name is Miss Wendy Lynne Bryan but to many people I am best known by my middle name Lynne. I found the photographs above and they were a blast from the past. They were taken almost thirty years ago, back in November 1984, at the local Barry Woolworth Department Store at 135 Holton Road, Barry.

The girls from the store were dressed in Victorian times because this was to celebrate the town’s centenary, and I am asking if there is any staff member of the old Woolworth team that would like to take a step back in time again and walk down memory lane.

Please come and join in a reunion with Mrs Joan Mee (stockroom assistant) and Miss Lynne Bryan (sale assistant), the reunion will take place on Saturday, August 30, at 2pm at Collage Fields Nursing Home, Barry and anyone interested can contact Lynne Bryan on Barry 01446 733363 for more details.

Miss W. L. Bryan

Lundy Park