I write over the Dyfan Road, open space questioning whether it is lawful?

At the July 15 planning committee it was decided that flood defence works on this much loved area of public open space was ‘lawful development’ so no formal planning permission was required for the felling of over one hundred mature and healthy trees, putting up palisade fencing, hard standings; inlet and outlet structures; two sets of lockable gates; and the creation of a lagoon!

I made detailed written representations to the committee which were treated with contempt.

Clearly the committee members are of the mistaken belief that I am against flood prevention measures for the Coldbrook Catchment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Over 10 years later the consequences of the Rhoose Point ‘carrier drain’ floodwater culvert built without planning permission are still being resolved by the council and developers.

I therefore make clear that what I am against are flood defences built without the benefit of planning permission and proper public consultation. Also the council claims to own the land at Dyfan Road, open space but for some reason declines to prove that it does!

Karen Gallimore