SO David Cameron has done a reshuffle of his cabinet and has got rid of one lot of jokers only to be replaced by another lot of jokers.

One name comes to mind Stephen Crabb the new Minister for Wales.This man in 2007 berated the position of Welsh Secretary and made comments such as the position should be abolished, as the role has become emptied and somewhat meaningless.The boots on the other foot now isn't it now he has the job, top government job, massive pay rise and pension. It really is sickening that the calibre of politicians in this country have sunk to gutter levels, local government politicians, National Assembly politicians, I don't think there is one good one between them. I have no doubt that with this reshuffle it will be the same medicine for us, but served on a different spoon. Come the election we must give Cameron a massive bloody nose for what he has done to the people of Wales and the rest of the country.

D J Radford

Coleridge Crescent