FURTHER to Ron Powell’s letter (Barry & District News, July 10) about the new sign at Nell’s Point readers may like to be aware of our council’s latest aberration near the beachside roundabout at the Knap.

I enclose a photograph of a recently erected large blue sign which, together with other nearby signs, ruins the view available to users of the nearby seats which provide welcome rest points for those walking along the Porthkerry to Barry coastal path.

Such walkers can now enjoy the view of three recycling boxes which could more usefully be located near the mobile fast food van sited by the toilet block, a ten foot high sign advising people to look after their cars, another sign with beach safety information and now the new blue monstrosity half of which is used for more beach safety information while the remainder is a completely blank panel providing space for even more beach information. Surely council tax payer's money could be allocated more effectively to other needy services.

Name and address supplied